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2 Amazing Reasons to Take Pregnenolone

2 Amazing Reasons to Take Pregnenolone

We like to advocate for better health through natural means.

We do this because the practitioners at the clinic we operate from are convinced many of the ways to support great health is not by taking medicines that mask problems, but rather, by addressing the underlying issues that are hindering healthy development.

Certainly one of the best solutions we offer for managing health is our Micronized Pregnenolone.

As Dr. Wiggy has explained, pregnenolone has the power to affect the production of a myriad of hormones.

And, hormones are one of the most influential chemical messengers your body relies on for maintaining great health.

Accessing the product is easy - just follow this link (or ask an associate in our store to help you find bottles).

Below, we’re going to introduce you to 2 incredible ways that this incredible product will benefit your health.

2 Benefits For Taking Pregnenolone:

One of the things people don’t realize is that there are more than a few hormones related to sleep quality.

Sure, everyone knows about melatonin and sleep.

But if you want to get really good sleep you’re going to need to make sure you have healthy levels of pregnenolone coursing through your veins.

The reason why is that pregnenolone, as well as a downstream version of pregnenolone called allopregnanolone, are helpful for helping your body achieve deep sleep.

In many cases this can make people who struggle with having an amazing night sleep - feel like they’re sleeping like a baby for the first time in months or years.

In fact, there have been more than a few studies indicating that if you take pregnenolone supplements then the time you spend in deep sleep (slow wave sleep) can go up.

From there you can expect a long list of other areas of health to improve; mood, memory, energy levels and more may improve as a result.

Not to mention pregnenolone can have a serious impact on your weight.

The closer you are to the ideal weight for your body type, the better your health is overall. In fact, if you can remain close to your ideal body weight, you likely will have amazing sleep.

There is research to indicate that having normal levels of pregnenolone coursing through your body may help you maintain a healthy weight.

The way it’s believed to affect your waistline has to do with how it helps to control hormones that are tied to weight gain.

For instance, as we’ve written about before “by taking pregnenolone it helps to modify cortisol production in such a way that it stays level, and this can keep you from adding on belly fat.

Plus, pregnenolone can also help you maintain healthy testosterone levels and this can positively affect your metabolism which helps you sustain a healthy weight.”

There are plenty of additional reasons to take pregnenolone.

And Dr. Wiggy has covered them in several articles which are available on the blog.

The fact is pregnenolone is a must-have supplement if you’re not making enough of it naturally.

Which is why we’re happy to offer it to you on our online store.

Follow this link to buy some today.



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