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Chocolate + This = The Ultimate Health Food?

Chocolate + This = The Ultimate Health Food?

Dr. Wiggy has written several articles on how good chocolate is for you.

You can view one here

And another here

The truth is chocolate has some amazing properties that lend it to being one of the better foods you can eat on a daily basis.

Obviously, the caveat here is, you don’t want to be eating sugary versions of this food to try to get your health fix.

And that’s why we think you’re going to love the Ductch Chocolate protein powder from Momsanity.

This delivers ultra-rich dark chocolate (the best form of chocolate from a nutrition standpoint) in a nutrient rich shake that ALSO has pea protein (an incredibly helpful form of non-allergenic vegetarian protein) along with 0 sugar...AND a blend of antioxidants that can stop potentially dangerous free radicals in their tracks.

We’ll show how all of these ingredients, plus a few more, can help to support various aspects of health.

But first you need to know that this particular protein shake is one of the best meal replacements you could ever eat.

Both from a nutrition standpoint…

As well as cost per meal.

If you want to get some today because you already know you love it (and 1000s of customers do) click here.

Chocolate + Allergen Free Proteins and Antioxidants = Win

The thing about chocolate is that almost everyone on the planet can tolerate it from the standpoint of food allergies.

That’s why so many products are chocolate flavored (that and it tastes good).

A major problem is that most chocolate products are mixed with extra sugar and other foods known to cause allergic reactions.

Chief among them is dairy.

Dr. Wiggy and his wife Emily teamed together to make Momsanity Mom Fuel Protein Powder DUTCH CHOCOLATE both healthy and allergen free

And low-carb too.

So they used a blend of high-powered super fruits to sweeten the product (only lightly) while also delivering incredible antioxidant support.

And they added coconut milk to give you healthy fats…

Then combined blended pea protein, bovine collagen, and brown rice protein to offer muscle-building and hunger crushing appetite control.

All of this together with dutch chocolate, one of the most easily-digestible forms of chocolate with pure cocoa powder for superior antioxidant support.

Most important is the taste is something you can count on to satisfy and delight.

“This is my 3rd month using this protein shake. I love the great taste even mixed with plain water, the taste is good. It is very satisfying & lasts me until my next meal. It keeps my weight stabilized. I'm on the auto shipment & look forward to receiving my monthly order.”


My third order, Momsanity is now a part of my daily regimen

“I look forward to my shake every morning. I use nut butter, almond milk and water. It is satisfying and delicious, and allows me to get to lunch. I've been able to reduce my egg intake. I feel great, and my nails are even strong enough to grow long.

Love Momsanity.”

Excellent product!

“Delicious taste and gentle on my stomach. It makes a wonderful meal replacement. I often add 1/2 of an avocado and the result is a very creamy, filling shake.”

We’re happy so many people rate this 5 stars and know you’ll appreciate the effect it has on your mood, waistline and pocketbook.

If you’d like to learn more about it you can view some of our previous articles written on this product.

Should you want to purchase, simply go here.



Talk soon,

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