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Common Health Habit Threatens Blood Sugar And Causes Weight Gain

Common Health Habit Threatens Blood Sugar And Causes Weight Gain

Almost daily researchers are discovering that many supposedly healthy habits may actually lead to subsequent health problems.

For instance, years ago fat was demonized, and health authorities warned if you ate too much fat you’d develop heart disease.

Now we know fat’s not the main problem… it’s fat in the presence of a high-carb diet that leads to heart disease.

And today I’m going to show you how one of the most popular health habits can actually harm your blood sugar.

How Household Cleaning Products Can Harm Blood Sugar Control

As surprising as it may sound, many of the household cleaning products sold in America today are dangerous to your health.

Yes, even things like antibacterial Dawn, or Clorox wipes.

The problem with these cleaners?

They’re made with chemicals that kill bacteria, both bad bacteria and good bacteria.

But harm you from the inside out.

If you read my email about probiotics from a few weeks ago you’ll recall that probiotics are essential for healthy blood-sugar management and weight management.

Unfortunately, many household cleaners might be great at killing dangerous bacteria; but they kill bacteria indiscriminately which can lead to massive probiotic die off inside your intestinal tract.

A recent investigation by researchers from the University of Alberta showed just how dangerous these cleaners can be to healthy probiotic levels.

“Researchers from the University of Alberta analysed the gut flora of 757 children at age 3-4 months, and weight at ages 1 and 3.

They also looked at which disinfectants, detergents and eco-friendly products were used in the children’s homes.

The analysis revealed that babies living in homes that frequently used disinfectants had higher levels of Lachnospiraceae bacteria, but lower levels of Haemophilus and Clostridium bacteria.

And when these babies were 3 years old, they were heavier than children not exposed to disinfectants.

Anita Kazyrskyj, who led the study, said: ‘We found that infants living in households with disinfectants being used at least weekly were twice as likely to have higher levels of the gut microbes Lachnospiraceae at age 3-4 months; when they were 3 years old, their body mass index was higher than children not exposed to heavy home use of disinfectants as an infant.’”

Unsurprisingly, the children whose parents used eco-friendly products did not have the same kind of weight gain.

The true issue here is there are a variety of different kinds of chemicals to worry about too.

For instance, there are more than 100 different chemicals used in the most common types of cleaners (from detergents to hand soap). These include parabens, ammonia, chlorine bleach, QUATS, triclosan, triclocarban and more.

ALL of these are linked to serious health concerns in their own right, notwithstanding their role in harming helpful gut bacteria.

Even more difficult is the fact that it’s so hard to get away from these chemicals.

They’re everywhere.

Which is why I highly suggest using eco-friendly cleaners. 

       The Importance Of Eco-Friendly Cleaners

As demonstrated in the study above, eco-friendly cleaners are the way to go if you want to keep weight off and improve your blood sugar.

If you’re reading this and have chemical cleaners at home, I recommend throwing them out and replacing them with all-natural, eco-friendly cleaners instead.

There are a number of all-natural products derived straight from plants that can be used to fight viruses.

For instance, oregano essential oil has been shown strong enough to kill dangerous bacteria like e. Coli on contact

And coconut oil, everyone’s favorite new cooking oil, is antibacterial and can be used to help fight the formation of bacteria in the house.

In fact, the list for eco-friendly cleaning agents is actually quite long.

Even better is they’re relatively easy to find.

If you’re OK with spending a bit more money on eco-friendly cleaners then going down to your local grocery or department store will get you a cleaner that takes care of most germs and viruses.



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