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Have You Unlocked the Power Of This Weight Loss “Protein”?

Have You Unlocked the Power Of This Weight Loss “Protein”?

Have you ever noticed that bodybuilders, the big, ripped “freaks of nature”, you see on TV and the covers of magazines carry very little fat on their bodies?

While one of the reasons they’re so lean has to do with their ridiculous workout habits…

One of the main ways they maintain that kind of lean body mass is thanks to a special kind of “protein” they eat.

I’d be willing to bet you eat some of this “protein” a few times a week.

That being said, if you’d like to lose a little weight (for vanity’s sake, or because you know it’ll increase the quality of your life) I’d like to show you what this specific kind of “protein” is…

I’ll show you exactly what the best dietary sources of this “protein” are.

And I’ll show you how to get the most out of this “protein” so your health and body both improve.

With all of this info you could set yourself on the path to become a bodybuilding champion. I can’t promise you’ll win… but you’ll be on the path ;)

PERSONAL NOTE: If you’ve been following any of my advice regarding the ketogenic diet and/or intermittent fasting you’re really going to want to see this as including this “protein” in your diet will rapidly accelerate your weight loss goals.

And, if you’re not doing either, I still recommend taking a look at this article as filling up on the foods that contain this “protein” will still put you on a path to sustained weight loss.

This “Protein” Builds Big Muscle and Helps Lose Weight

Protein is one of the main macronutrients needed for a life of vibrant health.

Now, if you remember back to biology class, you’ll recall protein is made up of amino acids.

Amino acids are the building block of protein.

For most of you reading this, when you eat a meal, you’re consuming protein after constituent amino acids have come together and formed an end stage protein.

The kinds of proteins available in food are as different as the foods you eat.

For instance, the protein in a batch of almond butter is much different than the protein found in a slab of steak.

And that’s because the amino acids that make up those respective proteins are different too.

Today I’m going to focus on 3 distinct amino acids. They are the “protein” I’ve been putting in quotation marks the whole time because they’re not really protein at all - they’re the precursors to protein.

These 3 distinct amino acids help to build a certain kind of protein in your body that helps you lose weight and gain muscle.

Interestingly that protein is muscle.

More like the protein in your muscles; as your muscles are made up mostly of protein the same way a bison patty is made up of mostly protein.

When your diet is high in the 3 main amino acids responsible for muscle formation it may help you lose weight and gain muscle.

The 3 amino acids in question are classified as “Branch Chain Amino Acids” or BCAAs.  The exact amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine.

When you ingest BCAAs your body quickly shuttles them into your bloodstream and pushes them out to your muscle tissue where they can integrate into the muscle as a part of the body’s natural muscular regeneration/repair processes.

This muscle building process also helps to promote weight loss that has to do with how they prevent muscle catabolism (this is the breakdown of muscle).

3 Ways BCAAs Help Promote Weight Loss

1 - They’re Great At Preserving Muscle During Fasting:

Intermittent fasting is the process of skipping a meal and extending the time you don’t eat from 8-10 hours out to 12-16 hours.

I’ve written about the benefits of intermittent fasting before, and I believe it’s one of the most revolutionary dietary “hacks” anyone could ever use for weight loss.

However, one of the main drawbacks to intermittent fasting is it means you can’t eat anything…

And for people who exercise that can be a big problem.

Not only because exercising on a weak stomach is hard in and of itself.

But because exercising on an empty stomach leads to muscle catabolism (this is the process by which muscle is broken down instead of built).

The last thing you want when you’re fasting is for muscle to break down. Not only because it’s not beneficial, but because muscle uses a lot of calories in metabolism. If you’re experiencing catabolism of your muscles it means that carbohydrates or fat aren’t being used for energy.

10 pounds of muscle will burn 50 calories whereas 10 pounds of fat only burns 20 calories in a 24 hour period. And that’s at rest!

BCAAs prevent muscle catabolism because they’re used for energy instead.

This is especially useful if you’re working out, or fasting…

But can also be utilized during a regular day if you just need something to eat or drink and want to add a healthy meal replacement in the mix.

2 - In Ketosis BCAAs Help Give You Cellular Energy:

The laws of thermodynamics are your friend when BCAAs are in the mix.

In very much the same way that BCAAs help preserve muscle during fasting, they can also help preserve muscle and supply energy in ketosis.

Because ketosis is geared towards eating a lot of fat in order to burn fat, it can cause protein consumption to fall.

While this isn’t an issue as far as your health is concerned, a lack of protein can cut down on your lean body mass AND a lack of protein leading to a lack of muscle will get in the way of weight loss (at least a little bit).

So, taking BCAAs while in ketosis may help accelerate fat loss.

3 - BCAAs Help Balance Hormone Levels Which May lead to Weight Loss:

Hormones are an underestimated component of weight gain (and weight retention).

Turns out BCAAs mixed in with exercise could help balance out hormones which would lead to accelerated weight loss.

Stated Nutrition writes:

“A study conducted sought to see the effects BCAAs had on testosterone and cortisol following high intensity resistance training. What they found in the subjects that were administered the BCAA supplement were higher testosterone levels and lower cortisol levels creating a perfect anabolic environment for muscle gain and recovery.

The notable impact on these two hormones suggests BCAAs help to maintain a proper hormone profile and mitigate imbalances after training sessions. If your goal is recovery, lean muscle building, and fat loss this could be the answer.

Another study using a BCAA, carbohydrate, and arginine beverage was conducted on individuals following a single workout session. Compared to their placebo counterpart, the subjects who had the BCAA beverage showed the same testosterone to cortisol anabolic response as the study listed above. Additionally, The group that had the BCAA beverage also reported feeling less fatigue 2 hours post training.

Both these studies suggest two important effects BCAAs can potentially have on you post exercise. First, your hormones, testosterone and cortisol, will keep in proper balance to allow for recovery, muscle growth, and fat loss. Second, consuming BCAAs seem to lessen the time of fatigue post exercise. For most of us, we want to see the results of our labor and not linger around feeling sore and tired. It would seem that BCAAs are the key to exactly what we’re looking for. “

Here are the Best Places To Find BCAAs

The best place to find BCAAs easily is in your diet.

The good news here is the dietary sources of BCAAs are complementary to a healthy diet.

If you want food-based sources for BCAAs you’ll be focusing on eating red meat, pork, chicken, fish, dairy products and eggs.

These foods are all the basis of a healthy diet, whether that’s paleo, keto, primal, you name it.

Now if you’re looking to add BCAAs into your diet for taking during a workout, or to take during a period of intermittent fasting, I’d recommend supplementing.

My personal recommendation, and what we carry in our store, is this one right here.

This particular BCAA is part of a line of supplements my wife works with called “Momsanity.”

These supplements, including the BCAAs, are 100% natural - and are perfect for anyone wishing to live healthy in a busy and chaotic life.

The Momsanity Natural BCAA Powder is as pure as it gets. 100% natural with no artificial anything in it, this powder gives your body 5 grams of BCAAs that’ll help you in your quest to lose weight and gain muscle.

One of the best things about the Momsanity Natural BCAA Powder isn’t just how it may help you lose weight and gain muscle…

It’s how good it tastes.

BCAAs are notorious for tasting terrible.

Fortunately every serving of Momsanity Natural BCAA Powder  tastes like a dream.

And when compared to top brands, it’s also one of the most affordable BCAAs you’ll find. Especially considering our all-natural ingredient list.

Get yours today. Especially if you’re doing the ketogenic diet and/or intermittent fasting.

Just click here and add them to your cart or click on the image below.


Talk soon,

Dr. Wiggy

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