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Perfect Keto Supplement

Perfect Keto Supplement

You want to know something sad that affects you in a BIG way?

The “diet industry” made the ketogenic diet way more complicated than it needs to be.
The truth of the matter is the ketogenic diet isn’t that hard to understand, nor is it that hard to follow.

But savvy marketers came up with all kinds of ways to make the ketogenic diet complicated so that they can make money.

So here’s the deal.

Keto is easy. The hardest part about it is planning for the impulses you have to eat something that will throw off your intake of ketogenic foods.

Dr. Wiggy is aware of this and that’s why a few years ago he created the Ketox Shake.

This simple, meal-replacement shake, gives you a precise blend of fats, protein and fruit-based antioxidants, that help to keep you in a state of ketosis.

Dr. Wiggy recommends that you use this in a pinch (like when you’re on the-go and need a ketogenic meal to prevent you from eating a non-ketogenic meal), or as a standalone meal replacement.

i.e. Drink a Ketox Shake every morning for breakfast instead of a muffin and an orange juice.

The Ketox Shake is basically the “perfect keto” supplement. It’s not a trick, or a gimmick, but just a solid meal replacement.

Is The Ketox Shake REALLY a Perfect Keto Supplement?

Calling anything “perfect” when it comes to a supplement is a pretty tall order.

And, the facts are, a lot of people think they’ve made the perfect keto supplement.

Well, we’re pretty sure ours is and here’s why we think you’ll agree.

While everyone else wants to convince you that their keto capsule, or keto “oil” is going to be your ticket to fast fat loss, they’re doing you a disservice to make those promises.

You see those pills, and those oils, will all work assuming the rest of your diet stays ketogenic.

But, most people don’t remain in a ketogenic diet all day because their natural impulses to eat comfort foods throws them off.

And that’s why the Ketox Shake is so helpful.

A scoop of the Ketox Shake is a full, ketogenic meal, in a glass. Each serving gives you 140 calories - 100 of which are from fat. The remaining calories come from protein.

And as fat and protein are both satiating foods, you’ll find that every meal-in-a-glass keeps you full and satisfied. The reason this makes it perfect is because it will help prevent you from “slipping up” and eating foods that might throw you out of ketosis and disrupt your fat loss goals.

There’s not a keto pill or oil that can do this, and that’s because they’re just not a true meal replacement.

Keep in mind we’re not telling you not to use those kinds of supplements, they can definitely enhance a ketogenic diet…

We just think that you’re going to stand a much better chance of “being keto” when you use a supplement that helps derail your progress maintaining a ketogenic diet.

Just like Suzette has done.

“Love it! Been using it for about a year now and it is my go-to for breakfast!”

1 bottle is enough for an entire month’s worth of meal replacement…

So, if you know you want to lose weight and use the ketogenic diet to get you there you should get the Ketox Shake today!

Just click here to grab a few bottles!


Talk soon,
The team at Health As It Ought To Be

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