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Surprising News about Japanese Scientists and Vitamin K-2

Surprising News about Japanese Scientists and Vitamin K-2

When Dr. Wiggy and Dr. Lantelme first started making a vitamin K-2 supplement the medical world at large wasn't exactly sure what vitamin K-2 even was.

Yes, plenty of doctors and researchers were familiar with vitamin K-1; this form of vitamin K is responsible for blood clotting and plays a role in circulatory health.

But many of them were unaware that there was another form of vitamin K… called K-2; and as unaware as they were they certainly had no idea that vitamin K-2 appeared in various forms (like Mk-4, Mk-7, Mk-8).

However, now that research on the effectiveness of vitamin K-2 continues to expand, people in the medical community are beginning to realize that it’s one of the best nutrients for helping maintain various aspects of health.

In fact, we’re about to show you that in Japan vitamin K-2 has actually attained a new standard for use in patient care.

Japanese Scientists Prefer to Use K-2 for Supporting Heart and Bone Health

It should bear no repeating that vitamin K-2 is a must have for maintaining healthy bones and a healthy heart.

However, if you need reminders, all you need to do is search our blog for the plethora of articles we’ve all written on the subject.

Unsurprisingly, the Japanese were some of the first to research the effectiveness of K-2 on helping people maintain a healthy heart and healthy bones.

… that may have to do with the fact that one of the premier sources of vitamin K-2 is natto - and natto is a traditional food in Japanese culture.

Now, Mesdsape, one of the leading health publishers in the Unites States is giving recognition to what the Japanese are doing.

In a recent article they wrote: “Supplemental K2 is now standard of care for treating bone concerns in Japan, and has been gaining attention in Western cultures as well.”

The truth is this mention of what’s going on with K-2 in Japan is indicative of what’s happening with K-2 in general.

The vitamin K-2 market is exploding and more and more manufacturers are getting into the game making vitamin K-2.

One of the things you need to keep in mind about vitamin K-2 is you need the right form. This is why we keep referencing vitamin K-2 mk7. This form of vitamin K-2 is both  extremely bioavailable (meaning your body absorbs it better), and it also lasts longer in your body giving your body a longer time to absorb it in the first place.

Vitamin Mk-4 is a good form of vitamin K-2, it’s what you get from most food-based sources, but it’s not a preferred source in supplements.

The other thing you need to keep in mind is the dosing.

At a minimum you need to get 120 mcg in a supplement.

Dr. Wiggy believes 150 mcg is a more effective dosing. And that’s why we offer our patients a 150 mcg version.

And Of Course, Price Matters

With so many manufacturers beginning to make vitamin K-2, the competition for this product is heating up.

And so too are prices.

This is why we’re happy to tell you our vitamin K-2 is available at an amazing price.

You can get a 3 month supply for just a few bucks more than $20.


Talk soon,

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