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Take The Stress Off

Take The Stress Off

After the holidays a lot of us tend to feel overfed, under-rested, and a bit stressed. Just about as stressed as before the holidays.

There are several explanations for this extra stress, but if you did some research you might realize that all the stress we exert on our bodies (in the form of bad food, poor recovery, and associated holiday obligations) essentially zap us of the hormones we need to regulate said stress.

This is why if you’re searching for a way to deal with the stress you ought to consider adding some kind of adrenal support to your routine.

You can try meditating, eating better, exercising, as well as taking supplements known to help support your adrenal system.

One of the best (in our educated opinions), is Adrenal Syn3rgy

We’ve had great success at the clinic (and the store) helping people maintain healthy adrenal hormones with this concoction.

We’ll dive into the way it helps shortly, but you should at least know where you can get it. 

This product is available on Amazon, online at our store, as well as in our physical location on Robinhood road.

You can click here to grab a bottle.

Why Adrenal Syn3rgy is A Must Have For Stress Management

Stress management is something that everyone serious about their health ought to entertain.

The less you do to manage stress, the more detrimental it can be to your overall quality of life.

And, unfortunately, stress can have a compounding negative effect. Meaning the longer you ignore it the worse it can be for you.

Obviously a supplement isn’t the #1 thing to turn to. Things like sleep, meditation, diet, exercise, are all more important.

But, when you can’t nail those things 100% of the time (i.e. in the event of a holiday, or atypical time in life) a supplement helps.

The way Adrenal Syn3rgy helps is it provides 3 targeted adaptogenic herbs that offer your cells support to help them resist the harmful effects of stress.

Dr. Wiggy’s written about them before in a few articles, we’re here today simply to remind you that not only do these 3 herbs (ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea, holy basil) have a substantial amount of research behind them…when taken together all 3 of them help to support your body’s response to stress uniquely. 

They essentially build on top of each other to take care of various aspects of stress to help neutralize its damaging effects.

Any of them would be helpful on their own. But the 3 of them help form a triangular shield around your cells which gives them an extra boost in the quest to deal with stress.

If you want to see how the ingredients work, read some of the articles Dr. Wiggy has written by following any of the links below.

Combined Together, These 3 Herbs Are the Best Stress Defense
Dr. Wiggy Said This Herb Stops Bullets
Our Preferred Way to Fix Being Tired All the Time

If you want to read reviews of people who testify to how well it works for them and their perceived levels of stress, follow this link.

And if you already know you want it as you've used it before and you needed a reminder to get another bottle, simply follow this link.

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