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Weird Benefits Of Berberine

Weird Benefits Of Berberine

Do a search for berberine on our website and you’ll quickly realize it’s one of the topics we cover frequently.


It has everything to do with how long people have used berberine… how many times people have studied it… how many people have great experiences with it… and of course, the obvious health benefits.

Subscribers to our email list, patients, and customers all know berberine is great for keeping your blood sugar healthy.

But, it has the power to do so much more for you and in this article we plan to enlighten you on all that it can do.

You’re going to be impressed as many of these benefits we’re writing about have never been covered on our website.

But, we want to be clear about something.

Berberine is great any time of the year (or day).

But, it’s even better when it’s on sale. Right now if you were to purchase this supplement with the coupon code DROPIT3 you will receive 15% off the retail price.

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Unexpected Ways Berberine Can Help Support Great Health

We mentioned above that berberine has a long history of use.

What you may not know is that berberine is also incredibly well studied. Researchers have performed more than 3,000 studies on this plant-based therapy.

Most people are aware that berberine is helpful for blood sugar, heart health, brain function and immune health.

But, it can actually do a little bit more than that.

Here’s a small list of other ways that berberine can help you maintain great health.

1 - Can Help With Oral Health: 

Native Americans actually used goldenseal, which contains berberine compounds, when they got sores like canker sores. 

Today, people still use berberine for oral health, including for canker sores, which can make it uncomfortable to eat or drink.

This requires a topical application, which the capsule doesn’t do, but hey, it’s good to know!

2 - Can Help Offer Antioxidant Support:

Berberine helps to fight the effects of free radicals as it has antioxidant properties. This is pretty important as antioxidants can help shield your cells from incurring any damage.

Keeping cells safe from free radicals helps to resist the effects of both aging and disease. How does this work you may wonder?

Well, the same enzyme that berberine activates for blood sugar (AMPK) helps to slow the production of free fatty acids — a type of free radical — thus slowing down oxidative stress in your body.

3 - Soothes Inflammation:

Want to feel great? Then do all you can to support your body’s response to inflammation.

Research shows that berberine’s antioxidants can help to support how your body responds to pro-inflammatory cytokines and can soothe inflammation. 

 4- Helps to Support the Liver:

As Global Healing writes, you can count on berberine to help with your body’s detoxifying processes. 

“By promoting normal fat levels in the blood, berberine keeps fat from accumulating in the liver. Berberine seems to influence genes that control liver metabolism, helping it function more effectively.”

And, there’s even more than it can do, which we’ll focus on later.

But for today, we just thought we’d show you a small sample of unexpected benefits berberine offers while also giving you a chance to purchase it.

Purchasing it on sale, that is…

If you use the coupon code DROPIT3 before the 11th you’re going to get our #1 best-seller for 15% off the regular price.

It’s a great deal, each bottle will last you 2 months, and will do so much for helping you feel your best!

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Talk soon,

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