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Your Kids May Think These Health-Boosters Are Candy (Just 1 A Day)

Your Kids May Think These Health-Boosters Are Candy (Just 1 A Day)

Perhaps one of the more difficult parts about being a parent is getting them to do something that’s good for them.

Kids need sleep, but they never want to go to bed.

They need to run and jump and play, but they’d rather watch TV.

And of course, children need to eat well to maintain good health, but getting them to eat the foods we know are good for them can be quite a chore.

Knowing that kids don’t necessarily enjoy eating foods that are good for their health, Dr. Wiggy and his wife Emily created a chewable immunity vitamin that tastes really, really good, is free of all kinds of dangerous chemicals (and is soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free among other “frees”) and can help support superior immune health.

It’s called the Raise Them Well Children's Immunity Chewable.

This chewable delivers a blend of vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 MK7 + Zinc to help keep kids well the whole year long.

In addition to helping support immune function, this chewable vitamin serves another amazing purpose which we plan to show you here in 2 seconds.

Best of all, though, is they taste good.

Kids think they’re candy, which isn’t a selling point necessarily, but it’s a great way to ensure they don’t ever want to skip out on taking them!


We trust RTW to bring our family products with formulations that are well thought out with research and synergistic ingredients and no toxic/unnecessary ingredients. My 11 years old daughter takes 2 chewable daily and loves the taste. She reports they taste like candy.

How the Raise Them Well Children's Immunity Chewable Builds Strong Kids

Obviously, a healthy immune system is a significant advantage for a child to grow strong and healthy.

And the Raise Them Well Children's Immunity Chewable is great at helping kids maintain a healthy immune response.

However, there’s something else that this can do that will give kids of all ages (and even adults) a chance to grow in a way that will help them remain strong for life.

What exactly is it?

Well, the chewable delivers two vitamins that are necessary for helping maintain a strong & healthy calcium utilization channel.

Which is a fancy way of saying that this chewable helps to keep bones and teeth strong and healthy while also promoting a healthy circulatory system.

Dr. Wiggy has written ad-nauseam about how both vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 MK7 can help older adults preserve their bone health…you can search the blog to see all of his research.

Suffice it to say, every human needs these nutrients, and they help you become a stronger human overall…

So imagine how much better it is for young kids who need to set foundations for good health, now, and not later?

Our patients and customers love this product.


My 7 year old loves these chewables and reminds me each morning to get one out for him as part of his morning routine. I was thrilled to find a chewable supplement without all the fillers and sugar and one that actually included everything I wanted for immunity-boosting like zinc, D3, K2 and a good dose of C. My son caught a cold this season but it was very, very mild and didn't seem to last as long as his typical colds. He hasn't gotten sick besides that one time over the last several months, despite being around lots of family and friends!

Get a bottle here!


Talk soon,
The Team at Health As It Ought To Be

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