A Big (And Dangerous) Problem With Most Multivitamins

Over the years Dr. Wiggy has sent a few emails that have proven to be more controversial than others.

Surprisingly, when he wrote about a big and dangerous problem with most multivitamins not that many feathers were ruffled.


Because what he revealed about the vast majority of vitamins sold in big-box stores proved what people expected all along…

If you never read that article we’re going to give you a recap of the major points below.

Many Multivitamins are Filled With…

Multivitamins were created to help people overcome broad spectrum nutritional deficiencies.

Multivitamins use a variety of ingredients in order to provide you with the nutrients you need.

That is, assuming the creators of the product you’re taking are giving you real, quality ingredients.

Studies conducted all over the world prove most of the major supplement manufacturers are filling their products with garbage

Some of the garbage found in supplements is empty junk, like rice or cellulose.

In more serious cases the manufacturers are loading their multivitamins with ingredients toxic to the body.

Why are they doing it?

It's simple - these companies know there's a HUGE need for supplements, and so they're willing to put your health at risk to make a fast buck. 

That's one of the more serious problems with most multivitamins…

But it’s not the only one.

Sadly some of the top supplement companies put ingredients in their multivitamins your body won't absorb efficiently. In other cases, they've included ingredients in their multivitamins that don't work synergistically with the others. 

And that's a huge issue when you're paying top-dollar for multivitamins.

Bioavailability is a big issue when you’re taking a supplement.

If the nutrients in your supplements don’t absorb… well you basically end up peeing out money.

Not a pretty thing to think about, but who wants that?

Secondarily, without synergy in your ingredients, you actually end up missing out on getting the full effect PLUS SOME.

A synergistic effect is where the ingredients actually amplify the effectiveness of the benefit the ingredient provides.

Kind of how fat+sugar makes things taste absolutely amazing.

Our multivitamin incorporates more than a half-dozen plant-based ingredients that work together to boost how they support your health.


Talk soon,

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