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Our #1 Weightloss Formulation

Our #1 Weightloss Formulation

The simple truth is this: to experience health as it ought to be, you need to be at the proper weight.

For every 10 pounds overweight you are, the higher your risks are for all kinds of diseases.

Simply put, the diseases of Western civilization are almost entirely preventable if you maintain a healthy weight...and to put it more simply: obesity is a killer.

What’s remarkable is how many people don’t fully understand this.

Dr. Wiggy and the rest of the staff here at Robinhood Integrative Health are obviously aware that to curb risk of heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and so much more, you need to eat in a way (and exercise in a way) that helps you lose the weight and keep it off.

Now, we’re not shaming anyone here who struggles to lose weight.

Instead, we’re here as a resource to you to give you proven supplements and meal-replacements that will help you keep the weight off.

It’s our Ketox shake.

The Ketox shake is a precise formulation of non-allergenic ingredients that help you maintain a ketogenic diet AND also help you detox from the nasty bits that can collect in your body.

Why Is the Ketox Shake So Dang Awesome?

The fact is there’s a lot of different aspects of weight loss that people get wrong.

And the Ketox Shake helps to address all of them, head on.

Now, you may be wondering who the Ketox Shake is good for.

In short, everyone.

But really, it's best for the following types of people:

  • The Overweight Healthy Eater: Even though you eat healthy and exercise a few times a week, your clothes grow snugger every year and the number on the scale never gets smaller… just bigger.

  • The Skinny “Fat” Type: Perhaps you’ve actually lost some weight with a diet already. But despite what the number on the scale says, you still look and feel fat. (Like my youngest son says, “You’re squishy.”)
  • The “Out Of Control” Weight Gainer: You’re victim to a vicious cycle. It’s been years since you enjoyed a meal without feeling guilty. Every meal induces more guilt, and you eat to make yourself feel better. Hence every diet you’ve ever tried fails miserably.

  • The Overweight Fitness Freak: The gym is your refuge. You burn more calories than your three closest friends combined. But even though you practically pay rent at the gym you’re still overweight and have been for years.

The reason why it’s so good is because the Ketox Shake is SUPER easy to make and incredibly filling.

A few years ago we called the Ketox Shake - the Satiate Shake, because it’s so satiating and satisfying (that means tasty!)

It delivers an incredible amount of health (non-allergenic fats) that kick your body into high gear and put you in the ketogenic zone so you burn fat throughout the day.

Our patients and customers love how the Ketox shake makes them feel. And how it makes them look.

Click here to read some of the reviews!

Remember too, it’s a great price, always!



Talk soon,
The team at Health As It Ought To Be

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