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This Helps to Calm Kids Down

This Helps to Calm Kids Down

It feels like we’ve written about this a time or 2 before, and in fact, we have…

But if you’re a parent or grandparent then you know the frustration that can come with dealing with children who can’t regulate their mood.

Part of the inability of children to calm themselves down has to do with how they have yet to master the verbal skills necessary to express themselves, and thus, they get a bit flustered and upset when they feel like you don’t understand them.

Another part of a child’s inability to calm down can have to do with nutritional deficiencies.

As Dr. Wiggy has noted, most adults don’t get enough of one the most important nutrients ever - which is magnesium. The reason for the deficiency comes down to both dietary choices, as well as lower quality food.

Kids can also fall victim to these deficiencies, and when they don’t get enough magnesium it can sometimes manifest in behavioral issues as well as overactive and “crazy” kids.

That’s why Dr. Wiggy and his wife designed a rub-on form of magnesium that can help to provide a sense of relaxation for children of all ages. It’s called the Raise Them Well Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm.

This gentle formula can provide relief for kids (and parents) in a relatively short amount of time. And it’s not only non-habit forming, it can provide a bunch of other additional health benefits.

We carry this in our patient store, as well as online.

You can get yours here and you can read up on how it can benefit your kiddos in just a bit).

And while it can certainly help kids calm down, there are other benefits that this rub in oil imparts, which we explain below.

How Magnesium Oil Can Benefit Children (More than Relaxation)

When it comes to the production of this product, Dr. Wiggy and Emily were really going for giving kids a chance to get more magnesium in their bodies.

Yes, promoting relaxation and emotional stability was a driving reason behind getting this product into parent’s hands.

However, there are so many other great reasons to give it to your kids or grandkids.

Here’s a list of added benefits that supplementing with magnesium can provide. 

1 - It Can Help Them Deal With Stress: 

Sadly, kids today are more stressed than they need to be.  There are a variety of reasons behind that, and we’re not here to judge anyone about how they raise their kids.

All you need to know is kids are stressed out, and the more stressed they are, the more magnesium they lose to deal with stress. 

When kids are stressed out for too long it can actually be what causes them to become deficient in the first place. And that extended amount of stress might actually cause a deficiency that’s so severe diet might not help to reverse it.

That’s where a magnesium supplement comes into play and why you’ll want to ensure you have a means of getting them plenty of magnesium throughout the day.

2 - It May Help to Balance Hormones

Children of all ages need magnesium to ensure that their hormones are balanced as they age.

As magnesium plays a role in more than 600 processes in your body, it’s heavily involved in the production and regulation of hormones.

For instance, magnesium can help young boys clear excess hormones like excess testosterone and even estrogen out of the body via the liver. And for young girls it can help normalize progesterone levels as they age.

Without sufficient intake of magnesium throughout a child’s early years it puts their hormone production at serious risk which could pose developmental issues down the road.

There are additional reasons to give kids magnesium, but suffice it to say you’re almost guaranteed to find a small win by giving kids Raise Them Well Kid-Safe Calming Magnesium Oil Balm as it can help calm them down as well as round out their health in a positive manner for years to come.

Get your bottle here…


Talk soon,

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