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6 Good Reasons To Take Probiotics Daily

6 Good Reasons To Take Probiotics Daily

Probiotics are one of the few supplements that almost everyone should take daily.

Well, almost everyone.

Unless you’re eating tons and tons of fermented food…

And even then, if you want to get a blend of several different kinds of probiotics you might still want to take a probiotic to cover all your bases.

The health of your gut cannot be underestimated as when you have an unhealthy gut it can lead to some issues you’d be better off not having to deal with.

Dr. Wiggy believes so strongly in the importance of probiotics that he and Dr. Lantelme made their very own probiotic called HAIOTB Probiotic (10-Strain) 25 Billion CFUs.

If you already know you want to get these probiotics, just scoop them up now.

On the other hand, if you need a reminder of why you should take probiotics in the first place then take a look at the 6 reasons to take probiotics daily.


6 Ways Probiotics Can Support Your Health

There’s really no way around it, probiotics are good for your health.

Check them out:

1 - Ease Stomach Pain:

Easily one of the best reasons to take a probiotic is to help prevent upset stomachs from happening. There’s a ton of research that shows how adding them into your diet can keep your digestive system work the way it was designed to.

2 - Supports Brain Health:

Most people don’t realize that the health of your brain is dependent on the health of your stomach. If your stomach health is on the fritz it can affect how clearly you think, your mood, and so much more.

There’s evidence to show if you take probiotics and correct gut flora levels it can help make your brain function amazingly.

3 - Supports Heart Health:

The same thing is true of gut health and heart health. Remember, your gut is meant to process food and turn it into usable nutrients. If your stomach isn’t processing your food correctly it can cause overgrowths of bad bacteria and that can also compromise your heart health.

4 - May Help Keep Skin Clear:

If you’ve ever eaten poorly before and then saw a breakout take place a few days later then you can clearly see how the appearance of your skin is related to the health of your gut.

If you take probiotics and correct gut flora imbalances then it might manifest clearer, healthier skin. This has been shown to be true in several studies, so if you’re interested in having calm, clear skin, a probiotic may help.

5 - Supports Immune Health:

Your immune system lives within your gut, or at least most of it does… and so when you take a probiotic it can help your immune system function properly.

Some kinds of probiotics have been shown to help your body enhance how many immune cells you produce. It can help boost immune cells like the IgA-producing cells, T lymphocytes and natural killer cells.

6 - Can Help You Lose Weight:

Dr. Wiggy has focused on this before, and the good news is there’s evidence to show it’s true.

But as Healthline writes: “probiotics may also help you feel fuller for longer, burn more calories and store less fat. This is partly caused by increasing levels of certain hormones, such as GLP-1.

They may also help with weight loss directly. In one study, dieting women who took Lactobacillus rhamnosus for 3 months lost 50% more weight than women who didn’t take a probiotic.”


25 Billion Of These Will Make Your Day

The nice thing about probiotics is that you can fit a ton of them into a small capsule.

In our case the HAIOTB Probiotic (10-Strain) has 25 Billion CFUs in each capsule.

That’s a lot, and we offer 10 different strains in there at once, which is pretty cool because that many kinds and that many total, could help boost so many different facets of your health.

Customers love this probiotic. We have 112 5-star reviews of it, and here’s just one of them.


A Good Quality Probiotic
Effective, good quality probiotic at a very reasonable price.

Talk soon,


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