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Don’t Even Think About Going Outside Until You’ve Taken This

Don’t Even Think About Going Outside Until You’ve Taken This

Here’s the thing.

I know you know it’s summer.

All you’ve got to do is take a look at the thermometer and you can tell the temps are high and the sun is shining brightly.

And, here’s the thing about summer…I’m all for it.

I’m all for the barbecues outside, the chance to stay up a little later while enjoying the company of friends and family. That’s the best part about summer.

But, there’s an important point I need make so you can go about enjoying the summer sun (and heat) safely:

It creates an unintended and potentially problematic side effect.

Too much vitamin D-3.

That’s right, the time you spend in the sun can certainly be healthy, but it has its limitations.

I’m sure you know those bright sun rays your skin soaks up are then converted by your body into a usable form of vitamin D called vitamin D-3.

During the summer months, it only takes 20 minutes (or so) to get your recommended daily totals of vitamin D-3. Stay out in the sun for longer than that (especially with most of your body exposed) and you’re looking to have a vitamin D-3 “overdose.”

Well not necessarily an overdose, but more than you need.

Is such thing possible…can you really get too much vitamin D-3?

As a matter of fact, you can.

And, the only reason this is an issue is because too much vitamin D-3 can cause potential health concerns. Especially for your bones and your heart.

As Kate Rheaume-Bleue says in her book The Calcium Paradox

Vitamin D increases the absorption of calcium from the intestines, which is a good thing for bone health. Certainly, vitamin D and calcium supplementation together have been shown to increase bone density better than either one alone. However, once calcium is absorbed into the blood stream, vitamin D has no power over what happens to it, which is a potentially bad thing for heart health.

But don’t fear because the truth is you don’t need to worry about “too much D-3” provided you’re getting enough vitamin K-2.

Whether you’re supplementing with K-2 or are getting it naturally from your diet, this important vitamin works in tandem with D-3 for some serious health boosting effects.  Which is why I consider it to be one of the most important vitamins on the planet.

And yes, you’d be right to say all vitamins are important. What I mean by that is simply this

Most Americans are majorly deficient in vitamin K-2. And since K-2 plays such a big role in many functions of health (like bone health, brain health, heart health, immune function) and more, I believe it to be one of the most important vitamins around.

Which is why, if you’re attempting to enjoy the summer and improve your health at the same time, it’s crucial your vitamin K-2 intake is at normal levels.

Why exactly?

Again Rheaume-Bleue writes:

…vitamin D increases the body’s need for K2… vitamin D boosts the requirements and potential benefits of K2. You can profit from vitamin D without increasing your risk of inappropriate calcification by having a balanced intake of all the fat-soluble vitamins, including K2.”

It’s just that simple.

So what does that mean for you?

Simply this.

Without vitamin K-2, any and all vitamin D-3 you’re absorbing via the sun (or through supplementation) is a). being wasted and b.) could work against your health.

When you include vitamin K-2 into your diet it means your:

And you can feel free to enjoy the sun knowing all that hard work your skin is doing (you know, converting the sub’s UVB rays into D-3) will actually benefit your health.

Just don’t forget to take K-2 before you go out and not to overdo it in the sun. 

To get the purest, highest quality form of vitamin D-3, you can get our very own vitamin K-2 by clicking this link.

At Health As It Ought To Be, we believe taking vitamin K-2 will elevate your health tremendously, and given the bright shining sun being in full effect right now we reason today’s the day to get your very own supply.

So get yours today, you’ll love what it does for your health.


Talk soon,     

Dr. Wiggy

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